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Products Liability

Everyday life is full of an astounding array of products used to simply keep our lives as efficient, enjoyable and productive as possible. But not all products are designed and manufactured with the same care. R.W. Armstrong&Associates is aware of the legal requirements placed upon much of the manufacturing industry to ensure that proper standards are maintained and public safety placed above company profits. Because these standards are at times jettisoned in favor of making money first, R.W. Armstrong&Associates is highly skilled at fighting for the rights of the injured.

A design flaw or a manufacturing flaw can lead to you being hurt by using a product in the way it was intended. Whether it is a child seat, a health product, a cosmetic, a home appliance, or any of thousands of products available to the public, R.W. Armstrong & Associates has the knowledge and experience to build a powerful and formidable case on your behalf. Your concerns will be heard and you will be included fully as all facts are gathered and applied to making sure that a well-established case is built and you are fully and satisfactorily represented.


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