Bring Your Patent and Copyright Infringement Concerns to Us

When you come up with an original process or product, you can protect your marketable idea by filing a federal patent. That entitles you to exclusive rights to make, manufacture or use this product or innovation for a specific period of time. If you create an original work such as a trademark or logo, you have the right to file a copyright to enjoy exclusive use.
If someone has infringed or violated your rights to exclusive use, there are steps you can take to stop unauthorized use. The attorneys at the Tom Rhodes Law Firm recommend you retain an intellectual property attorney with significant experience in negotiation and litigation.
Intellectual law by its very nature is quite complex, and demands a law firm with extensive resources and knowledge to successfully pursue a claim.
If you believe that you have a valid copyright or patent infringement claim, contact us in our San Antonio law offices. We practice in the state of Texas and accept federal intellectual property cases nationwide.
Working with Us
Defending your claim against patent or copyright infringement is complicated, demanding counsel skilled in patent and intellectual property law and technologically savvy. When needed, our attorneys can call in product experts to provide scientific or detailed testimony, and bring in trusted outside patent attorneys to provide additional team support in complicated cases.
Pursuing a Claim
When you schedule an initial consultation, we look at the nature of your claim, including the alleged infringer and their actions. If The Armstrong Firm accepts your case, we will recommend the next steps and work with you to build a strong case. If a successful lawsuit is filed in federal court, two outcomes are possible: The court may issue an injunction, an order to make the infringer stop what they are doing, or work with the parties involved to set up royalty payments.
In order to level the playing field and make our services accessible to more clients, our attorneys often work on contingency. You pay no attorney fees when we take your case, and agree to pay us a percentage of the settlement, if we win.
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