Who is at fault?

Car accidents do not require a driver to be at fault.  That isn’t to say that there isn’t fault somewhere, however, and this can be attributed to many reasons including defective auto products such as air bags, tires or gas tanks.  Even if product liability isn’t an issue, the fault could also lie in negligence from highway construction markings to badly designed roadways or intersections.  In some cases no fault can be assigned in which case you can collect against required insurance coverage.  In any of these cases The Armstrong Firm can make sure that fault is properly placed and can advise you on courses of action you can take as a result.

Rights to Compensation

When you or your family have been in an auto accident it is important to know and to protect your rights.  Through all of the pain of seeing loved ones hurt and the stress of dealing with Auto insurance companies and bill collectors, we at The Armstrong Firm are here to represent you and your family in a time of need.  You shouldn’t have to worry about being properly compensated by insurance or hassled by creditors resulting from medical care.  With years of Auto Accident litigation experience, The Armstrong Firm has seen thousands of cases and fought hard to protect our clients.

You shouldn’t have to fight for what is due to you from insurance companies and you shouldn’t have to worry about being harrassed by hospital bill collectors when you should be worrying about healing.  The Armstrong Firm will do the fighting for you through tireless counsel.  There are several important steps you should take to preserve your rights to compensation.  First, if you are hurt or think you are hurt, you should immediately seek medical attention to protect your health but to also record injuries sustained during the accident.  Second, you should keep important information about the vehicles and people involved in the crash, this includes not selling, salvaging or repairing your vehicle until you’ve talk with one of our experienced attorneys.