What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal Injury is a large area of law the touches many different areas of law.  A personal injury can occur in any number of ways and those ways can govern the direction a case may develop.  Personal Injury can occur because of medical malpractice, unsafe work places or the simple negligence of another person.  Suffering a personal injury can lead to any number of difficult and stressful circumstances that would otherwise have never been a part of your life. Personal injury attorneys are not all created alike and becoming involved in a working relationship with a personal injury lawyer can either be a great blessing or a terrible curse depending on whom you choose. The Armstrong Firm is a personal injury law firm that keeps in touch with its clients so that you can have the peace of knowing exactly what is happening in your case at any time.

Being hurt in an accident does not have to cause the kind of traumatic life change that leads to ongoing depression and unending legal battles. The Armstrong Firm has the experience to make finding the way through the legal process with a positive outcome a reality for you. Don’t try to wander through the legal terrain of an unwarranted personal injury alone. Let us be the compassionate and knowledgeable guide that can bring a possible outcome out of your difficult time. Call us for a consultation.


The major decision of filing a Personal Injury case is determining what compensation a victim is due.  Often we don’t realize what aspects of our lives are impacted by a major injury and at The Armstrong Firm our experienced attorneys have seen the devestating impacts a personal injury can have on a person and their family.  Compensation can cover everything from lost wages and the loss of future earnings, to future medical care and handicap accissibility.