Welcome to The Armstrong Firm:

Now with offices in Brownsville and San Antonio, Texas, The Armstrong Firm has expanded its coverage throughout Texas to help people in need.

Regardless of the area, people of different cultures and backgrounds are seeking to live their lives with a sense of purpose in a community that is mutually respectful of one another.  Unfortunately, circumstances will arise that can cause harm to people as they go about their everyday lives.  When the worst occurs, The Armstrong Firm is ready with the knowledge and experience that will give you the best possible representation so that justice can be gained and dignity restored.

Today’s court system can be a labyrinth to the person who is simply trying to regain a sense of normalcy in life after a tragic accident or loss. With over three decades experience and an unquenchable desire to help people, The Armstrong Firm has a track record of successful litigation that will provide the peace of mind to move forward confidently in the legal system.

The Armstrong Firm believe that each person plays an essential role in the makeup of a strong, fully-functioning society.  When one of these members is faced with a crippling personal injury, either physical or financial, it takes away some of the strength of that community.  The people who fall victim to society’s unforeseen and difficult circumstances often need a trusted personal injury law lawyer to fully recover and once again find their place as strong, confident, and productive part of society.  A free evaluation of your case is available by simply calling. We look forward to helping you and representing your interests.